10 Winter Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

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It’s time to decorate when winter blows through the door! Getting your apartment ready for the season isn’t always the easiest decision and it can be strikingly similar to writer’s block; you’re just stumped. Here are ten simple and charming decorating tips to fight the mental block and winterize your apartment this season!

Winter Time Music

Turn up the holiday tunes and set the tone for the season. The music will put you in the perfect decorating mood and the added ambience will only add to your winter experience. They say Mozart and Beethoven help you study, so maybe “Jingle Bell Rock” will offer some inspiration!

Winter Scents

The association with unique scents and fragrances is a staple feature of the winter season. These pleasant aromas are immediately noticeable when you walk into your apartment and create good moods all around. Common winter fragrances include cedar, pine, cinnamon; buy any of your favorite rich and warm scents can work. While choosing the specific scents ultimately come down to personal preference, winter aromas are a huge plus for creating that extra, non-physical, “wintery” feel of relaxation for your apartment.

Light the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your apartment, now is the time to use it! The fireplace not only creates a cozy scene that is necessary to last through the winter cold, but the heat source can help you save a little on energy bills too!


Candles are a great way to give the apartment a little extra light, especially when the dark creeps up on us so early during the winter. Take your power outage light source out of storage and dress them up for the holidays to give your apartment a little extra flare.

Cozy Fabrics

The winter is cold, so it’s only natural for you to want to be warm and toasty. Purchase blankets, pillows, sheets and other comfy objects that will keep you pleasantly content during the cold months.

Nature Inside the Apartment

Natural accents really make the home stand out for the winter season. There’s a lot to choose from, such as pinecones, pine clippings, twigs and branches to name a few. Organize your arrangement into a beautiful concoction of holiday spirit. There are very few things better that save money and give off that rustic cabin yet modern home look, so bring in some nature this winter!

Christmas Lights

You can’t beat a classic “go-to.” This fan favorite can be seen on just about any house or store during the holiday season. Christmas lights come in a variety of options, such as white, colorful, a mix of the two, and extravagant or simple. These tiny little bulbs light up the night sky in a big way throughout the winter.  Their glow radiates joy and is a sight to see when they’re set up for the season.


Another staple of the holiday season are ornament decorations. Ornaments bring holiday cheer and don’t have to just be hung on the Christmas tree. There are many creative ways to accessorize your apartment for the winter. Choosing what and how to use your decorations are a choice only for you, but whatever uniqueness you select is sure to bring some holiday delight.

Lose the Flowers

This holiday decorating tip is an interesting one. Don’t throw out your flowers if they’re living through the cold, but you’re going to need your left over flowerpots from the spring and summer. Instead of planting flowers for the winter, which will surely not last, consider replacing them with other forms of nature. Fill up your pot with pine clippings, pinecones, and other natural components that match your vision. The outside has boundless opportunities for decoration. Place your creation on your front steps of deck space for a pleasant scene once you’re finished!

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