3 Apartment Essentials for Back to School

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Heading back to school? Before you know it the work will be piling up! You’re going to need a safe space to get all your work done and take some time to relax. Here are three essentials your apartment needs to make sure your school year runs smoothly.


1. The Chill Spot

With everything going on during the school year it’s easy to get stressed out. You need a spot in your apartment where you can de-stress from your long school day. That’s why you need a designated “chill spot” in your apartment. The “chill spot” is where you and your friends can just sit back and do simply that, chill.

For this part of your apartment you’ll need to bring a TV, comfortable couch and/or futon, and gaming console. Get that Netflix queue ready and forget your schoolwork for a while. Not only is it healthy to take a mental break but it will also make you more productive after you have rejuvenated and relaxed your body. Also make sure there are plenty of places to sit! Social life is obviously a big part of college and sometimes the apartment can become more packed than you think. Extra chairs or bean bags can go a long way!


2. Home Office

During school, you’ll need a space in your apartment to do your homework. Create a home office in your apartment wherever you feel will be the most productive spot to work. What goes into an effective workspace? For one thing it should always be clean. A messy space will always make you less focused. Invest in a nicely sized desk so that you have plenty of space to spread out your laptop, textbook, and notebook so your desk won’t feel as cluttered. Besides your essentials, try to keep the desk vacant except for maybe a small lamp so that you have plenty of light while you’re working.


3. Cleaning Supplies

One thing you need most in your apartment is cleaning supplies. With friends coming over and rushing out to make your class, things might accidentally break or spill. Be prepared with some common cleaning supplies such as:

  • Full sized vacuum
  • Handheld vacuum
  • Wet mop
  • Bucket
  • Paper towels
  • Sponges
  • Soft rags

This way you’ll be ready for anything!


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