7 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment This Summer


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With spring-cleaning in the past and summer in full swing, redecorating your apartment will give you something fun to do if you don’t want to be out in the summer heat. Summer style is easy to achieve if you put your mind to it. This list will give you easy tips and tricks to make it feel like summer inside your apartment!


1. Decorate with flowers

Flowers are always a cute and easy way to make your apartment feel a little livelier. The fresh smell of flowers in the morning is a great way to wake up. Try buying flowers from a local farm and put them in a pretty vase. This is bound to make your apartment feel a little more like summer!


2. Make your table colorful

Summer is the season of fresh farm fruit and vegetables. Keeping fruit and vegetables on the table in a cute bowl is a creative way to add some color to the kitchen or dining room. Mix bright colorful fruits and darker vegetables to get a cool contrast that guests cannot ignore!


3. Add summer scents

Forget the smell of warm apple pie and pumpkin cupcake! Bringing summer scented candles into your apartment is an easy and quick way to make your apartment feel like summer time every day, even if it is raining out. Some possible summer scents are ocean breeze, cucumber-melon or cool peony.


4. Update old furniture

Giving old furniture a fresh coat of paint is a cool way to freshen up your space. Try adding light blues and greens to old chairs, or reupholstering the cushions with a pattern to match. Any way you do this, you will be satisfied with your results!


5. Swap out old art with new art

Swapping out old pictures with new ones is another way to make your apartment feel like new again. Looking at your local crafts store is easy to do to find pieces of art that will make you feel like you are in summer mode.

Rather make your own art? Buy canvases, paint, and paintbrushes to create your own works of art. You can also buy stencils if you would like to make a cool pattern on the canvas. This is a great way to get creative!


6. Bring the beach to you

Don’t have enough time to get to the beach this summer? Decorating your apartment with elements from the beach is a unique way to bring the beach to you. You can buy sea glass and surround a candle with it in a glass candle holder. By surrounding a candle in the sea glass, you can see how beautiful and romantic it will look when it is illuminated.

For an added touch, add sand to the bottom of the candleholder. This will make it look like you got everything from the beach!


7. Decorate your outside space

Summer is all about being outdoors and enjoying the warm weather. Turning your balcony or patio into a space where you can hang out with friends is important. You can accomplish this by bringing in colors that remind you of summer in blankets or pillows. Refinishing old outdoor furniture by painting it and putting it in your outdoor space is another great way to bring in color.

For nighttime, there is an easy way to decorate your area. Add string lights to the railing or hang them above you. It will make you feel like you are looking at the stars!


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