5 DIY Projects for Your Apartment


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Easy Apartment Décor Ideas to Try

No matter how beautiful your apartment is, there’s always room for improvement, and countless ways to incorporate new interior design elements into your home. Here are five DIY projects that apartment renters will love, regardless of your style or taste:


1.     Paint an area rug. 

If you’re struggling to pay rent, commuting expenses and your grocery store bill for the month – but still want to bring some stylish décor into your space – you can turn a drop cloth into a sleek, spacious area rug for a small amount of money. The budget-friendly DIY requires a drop cloth, sponges, paint, rollers, brushes and clear sealer, so chances are, you’ll have more than half of the products on hand already. Iron the drop cloth to take as many of the wrinkles out as possible and paint a base coat on the material. After figuring out what type of pattern you want, cut up the sponges and use a pencil to draw out where you want the design. Apply the stamps with paint, and seal it to ensure a long-lasting rug for your living room.


2.     Create your own succulent terrariums.   

A plant type that even the least attentive gardener can’t kill, succulents are one of the most popular indoor plants that have everyone talking. They originate from dry areas, like the desert, and come in over six different colors, making them versatile and extremely low maintenance – you can even use the leftover leaves to grow more of them. Create your own terrarium to showcase your succulent collection throughout your apartment by using a glass planter, stones, dry soil, colored moss or sand. If you’re not a fan of how the terrariums look, you can also spice up a few terracotta pots with paint, using them as small and large planters to place on the kitchen window sill or table.


3.     Make a cozy floor cushion. 

Doubling as an extra seating option and an eye-popping accent piece, floor cushions are a great way to make your apartment even more comfortable for friends and family who visit. While it’ll be the easiest for those who are experienced with sewing, even intermediate sewers can master this DIY. You’ll need to gather polyfill, fabric pencil, scissors, pins and a few different fabrics to create the cushions. Once they are complete, scatter them on the floor amongst your couches and chairs, or create a little cozy space in your bedroom by placing the floor cushions and a soft throw in a corner area.

4.     Craft a television stand – with shelving.

It can be kind of pricey to buy a T.V. stand, and difficult to find one that matches the rest of your apartment’s décor. Once you’ve set your heart on four box crates – which should all be identical, and purchased at nearly any craft store retailer – you’ll need screws and a drill to assemble it. The final product, which should have two crates stacked on top of another pair, will be sturdy enough to hold your T.V. As a bonus, you can use the box crates to display knick knacks, décor, candles or store your books and magazines inside.


5.     Build an elegant headboard.

A handmade headboard that only takes 20 minutes to make, this DIY project for any apartment renter is as clever and inexpensive as they come. The big secret? All you need to use are a handful of foam faux tiles – readily available online, with a going rate of five dollars per piece – and adhesive mounting tape. Choose faux tile that looks neat and sophisticated for a more classic look, and paint it to match the bedspread or overall interior design of your bedroom. If you really like how metal headboards look, you can cover them in hammered metal effect spray. After that’s done, use the adhesive to stick the faux tile pieces on the wall.


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