5 Ways to Get Involved in Greenbelt, MD

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Enjoy These Activities in our Beautiful Community

Greenbelt, Maryland is a part of Prince George’s County, one of the fastest growing places in the United States. It serves as the intersection point between four major highways, providing a convenient means of transportation. If you live in the city of Greenbelt, you can enjoy the killer views and easy access to popular roadways, in addition to affordable luxury apartment rentals of your choosing. Whether you just moved to Greenbelt or have been an inhabitant of the city your whole life, taking advantage of its all-encompassing cultural and recreational activities is a great way to get involved and become an active member of the community.

1.     Learn about space at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center.

Many people may not know this, but Greenbelt is home to the nation’s largest organization of scientists and engineers who build spacecraft and instruments to study Earth, our solar system and the universe as a whole. Named after the American rocketry pioneer Dr. Robert H. Hubbard, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center is a place where communication takes place between mission control and astronauts in space, the headquarters of the Hubble operations and the place where sensitive instruments are constructed. You can partake in different programs, attend events and see presentations at the center, which is open every day of the week, with the exception of Monday.

2.     Explore Greenbelt National Park.

Best known as the “urban oasis”, Greenbelt Park is located just twelve miles from Washington, D.C. Aside from soaking in the views that make up this national park location, there are a ton of things for visitors to do there. If you’re into hiking, there are nine miles of trails to travel, which have been sectioned off into four unique paths. If you’re looking to spend a few nights away from your Greenbelt apartment or home and sleep underneath the starry sky, Greenbelt Park’s campground is open all year round, and is widely praised for its safety and peaceful surroundings. Those who spend time at Greenbelt Park can also attend events that the staff offers, which are suitable for all ages and vary by topic on various days of the week.

3.     See a show at the Old Greenbelt Theatre.

A single screen movie theatre in the heart of Greenbelt, Old Greenbelt Theatre is a hot spot for city dwellers to travel to for a day (or night) of fun. The theatre – which has 363 seats and was completed in 1938 – shows contemporary films and hosts community-based film programs. The theatre is a non-profit organization, and highly values community service and collective responsibility, serving Greenbelt residents with quality content to watch. It was remodeled in 2014-2015, and contains a 40’ CinemaScope screen and a Christie 4K digital projector, in addition to two Simplex XL 35mm projectors and a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound system. The community of Greenbelt admires this theatre for its friendly, cheerful staff and rich historical value.

4.     Appreciate history at the Greenbelt Museum.

Nothing satisfies the rainy day blues in Greenbelt like hitting up the Greenbelt Museum – a place that lets its visitors experience the National Historic Landmark planned community, covering people, places and events dating back to its emergence in 1937. Group and walking tours are available throughout the week, to be scheduled ahead of time. While the Historic House is temporarily closed due to technical difficulties, the museum’s exhibition gallery is open. Those who wish to check out the Greenbelt museum – and all of the interesting history lessons it has to offer – will need to pay a $5 charge per each tour, but they are also free to check out the website and read about the history of Greenbelt from the comfort of their own homes.

5.     Go shopping in the Beltway Plaza Mall. 

The city of Greenbelt – in addition to its plethora of cultural and art activities – also has a more informal list of things to do. Heading out for a shopping trip at Beltway Plaza Mall is one of them, and an activity that many of the city’s men and women enjoy, whether it’s the weekend, weekday or weeknight. Boasting various stores and gatherings, the Beltway Plaza Mall offers great food, trendy fashion, wholesome fun and exclusive events for the members of Greenbelt, and is easily accessible on Greenbelt Road.

Living in Greenbelt is definitely a treat, especially when you consider all of the ways that the community can get involved and come together as a whole. If you’re interested in moving to Greenbelt, take a tour at Lerner University Square, one of the city’s finest luxury home communities. Contact our office at 301-242-0747 to find out more information today.

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