6 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment

Apartment patio
Moving into a new apartment home feels like starting with a blank canvas. At Lerner University Square, we provide beautiful apartments, complete with several amenities. However, there is always room for each resident to make an apartment feel more like home. With some simple upgrades, you can make your blank canvas of an apartment into a work of art that fits your unique style and preferences. Below are some of our favorite apartment upgrades you can easily apply to your apartment home at Lerner University Square.


1. Add Extra Lighting

If you are looking to brighten up your space (literally), then invest in some extra lighting elements for your apartment home. Floor lamps are an easy way to add a splash of lighting to any room. You may also want to try battery-operated lights that you can stick anywhere, such as under shelving. These are relatively inexpensive and add an upgraded feel to the space.


2. Organize your Closets and Cabinets

Upgrade your cabinets and closets for optimal organization. Rather than simply putting things where they are supposed to go as your space gets messy, create an organizational system for all of these areas. For example, label the insides of your cabinets with what goes where, and purchase vertical storage shelves to reduce clutter. For your closets, we recommend utilizing containers to store items you do not currently need (bathing suits in the winter, for example) to reduce clutter. With more organized spaces, you will be able to think clearly and feel proud of your home.


3. Customize Your Window Treatments

Window treatments are an easy area to make a change and make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your apartment home. Your local department store will have tons of window treatment options, ranging from blinds to curtains. Just make sure that you keep your apartment home’s original window treatment in storage, so that it can be replaced should you move out. Pick out a window treatment that matches your overall apartment design and style to tie together any room.


4. Incorporate New Fabrics

If you are bored with the way your apartment is looking, you can easily upgrade your space with some exciting fabrics. Whether you want new curtains, want to recover your couch, reupholster a chair or need new bedding, fabric will freshen up the entire space and make everything feel like new. This is a great alternative to buying new furniture.


5. Apply Temporary Wallpaper

Are you tempted to break out the paint bucket in order to upgrade your apartment home? Well, you can save yourself money (and a ton of time) with temporary wallpaper. This stuff sticks on the wall like a giant sticker, but after it has been applied it has the appearance of a custom paint job. Apply temporary wallpaper to one wall to make it pop.


6. Make Your Space Entertainment-Friendly

When you are in your beautiful apartment at Lerner University Square, you won’t be able to help wanting to show it off. Upgrade your apartment by incorporating some entertainment-friendly items, such as a bar cart, new speakers and seating that inspires conversation. With all of these items in check, you will have the go-to place for friends and family to visit.


Learn More About the Apartments at Lerner University Square

Upgrading your apartment can be fun, but wouldn’t it be nice to already have upgraded features you can depend on? At Lerner University Square, we ensure all of our residents are comfortable in their apartment homes, which are equipped with amenities such as washers and dryers in each home, huge floorplans and a private patio or balcony. Contact us today to learn more about making Lerner University Square in Greenbelt, Maryland your next home.

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